CLG Energy LLC. was created to Service Oil Producers, as well as the Oil Industries, with ENERGY SAVINGS Solutions.

Our premiere technology incorporates the latest in VFD hardware which allows us to incorporate CLG Energy’s exclusive X-Drive® technology, for extreme energy savings.

Our Goal is to place a 3P3 unit with X-Drive®  Technology, inside, on every oil well in the Texas Area and throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

This is a triple WIN strategy,

1) Customer Wins with Real Energy Savings,

2 Power Company Wins, through shifting low profit to high profit energy sales,

3 CLG Wins,  bring Energy Savings Solutions where there is none.

SAVE Energy NOW!!!  With exclusive X-Drive®  Technology

Let your Energy Savings, Pay for your SYSTEM.



Contact Information from customer

X-Drive ® Technology inside Featuring the 3P3 unit integrated system.

Best Application uses in • Electric utility rates include KVA demand billing or a power factor penalty clause. • The facility is experiencing KVA capacity problems causing overheating of system components resulting in increased operating costs and KW usage. • The facility is not able to maintain a desired power factor window, especially when extreme fluctuating loads are present. • Sustained leading power factor problems are experienced when the electric distribution system is lightly loaded.

CLG’s 3P3 with X-Drive® Technology, CASE STUDIES

These Records are Actual  Wells Tested in West Texas one of the most hostile environments in Texas, where temperatures may run from -11 in the winter to as much as 120 in the summer.

Case Study A1    50HP / 38Kw Rod Pumping unit,  75Kw Generator, With our 3P3 with  X-Drive® technology attached the unit was able to run on a 25Kw Generator on startup and run. The Power Factor was corrected from 0.45 to 0.99-1.0 with the overall power savings of over 55%, with a production increase of  between 20-30%, Power Metering System EKM, and customer electric bills.

Case Study A2   75HP / 56Kw Rod Pumping unit, With our  3P3 with X-Drive® technology attached, the unit ran continuously on solar for over 10 hours, this unit and is the Energy saving results was not calculated due to  changes in the Well, management changes, and other conditions beyond our control. However, the Solar Drive unit was designed to run only 8 hours per 24 hour period. Power Metered by Fluke & EKM

Case Study A3   45HP / 33.5Kw Rod Pumping unit, Grid show, 480VAC using an average of 40 amps, with our 3P3 with X-Drive® technology, we reduced the average amperage usage to 17 amps, for a power reduction from 33.2Kw to 14.1Kw or a 57.53% Savings, No Production records were given. Power Metered by EKM

Case Study A4   ESP 350HP / 260Kw Down-Hole Pump, 480VAC using 410 amps, with our 3P3 with X-Drive® technology attached the amperage was reduced to 270-290 amps, Wattage reduced from 340.4Kw down to 240.8Kw overall reduction in their Power Bill of 27.5% . No Production report was given. Metered by EKM

Case Study A5   ESP 100HP / 75Kw Down-Hole Pump, 480VAC using 112 amps, with our 3P3 with X-Drive® technology attached the amperage was reduced to 88.3 amps, Wattage reduced from 86,918.07Kw down to 65,560.00Kw overall reduction in their Power Consumption of 24.68% . No Production report was given. Metered by EKM

Case Study A6   45HP / 33.5Kw Rod Pumping unit, Grid showed high of 45 amps low of 22 amps, with 3P3 with X-Drive® technology attached amperage was reduced to 32 high and 0.4 low amps, Power factor increase from 0.45 to 0.98 – 1.0, reduction of power 42.9% total power reduction and usage currently undetermined waiting for latest, customers utility bill, to complete verification.

Case Study B1    Shop Compressor Grid Shows 46 amps @ 480V Reduced to 26 at 480V or a 43% Power reduction.

Case Study B2   Water well Generator showing 25% reduction with 3P3 unit, customer opted to increase production, rather than taking the energy savings.

Case Study B3   150Kw Generator power reduction to Startup and RUN a 45HP Rod Pumping unit, down to a 25 Kw Generator to Startup and RUN that same unit.

Case Study B4    350Kw Generator to start-up and run a 100 HP Pumpjack,  Reduced to a 150 kW Generator with the 3P3 w/ X-Drive® Technology for both startup and run. Reduce Rent Fee 30% less and Reduced Fuel 70% less to Customer


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